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Jul 19, 2007
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I have stated plenty of times that I do not like to see posts pulled apart for spelling and grammar. Its just not important. Lately there has been some leg-pulling about posters spelling or grammar, I know that most of these have been in jest; but only because I know the persons involved.

However, new members do not know those posters and may see this as real! Enthusiasts should not be put off asking a question or offering advice, just because their English is not quite Oxford perfect. This forum IS NOT the place for those spiteful posts where a pedant points out such errors.

It breaks rule one and in future I will not hesitate to dish out a months ban to any member who takes umbrage about spelling or grammar, even if they do it in jest. Its not fun and its not good for our community. Thanks for your cooperation, let's keep it Fun.

We have just had our first 7 day ban for this. It is a simple rule, please observe it. Thanks:Smile:
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