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Jan 26, 2008
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I am picking up my Motorhome tomorrow. It is 4.5 ton, 8 meters long. What is the motorway speed limit in the uk.
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Aug 25, 2007
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Hi Madbluemad
It's 70mph same as for a car :thumb:

But only on motorways.

Any vehicle over 3050kg is restricted to:

Duel carrigeways (but not a motorway) it's 60 mph, & on single carrigaways 50 mph

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Jul 28, 2007
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Speed Limits from a previous 'Fun' thread

No new speed limits or limiters for motorhomes

Recent speculation (August 2007) has suggested that there are to be new speed limits introduced for large motorhomes (over 7.5 tonnes), and even that they might be required to have speed limiters fitted, to comply with recent legislation for goods vehicles.

We (The MotorhomeFun Forum) questioned (Steve Whitehart at) VOSA to get the latest information.

They told us:

"Regarding speed limits: - provided the motor homes are "motor caravans" then they are subject to passenger vehicle speed limits, which are:

70 mph on a motorway or dual carriageway and 60mph on other roads unless a lower speed limit applies, provided the unladen weight (not MAM) is not over 3050 kg.

If the UW is over 3050 kg then the speed limits are 70 mph on a motorway, 60 mph dual carriageway and 50 mph on other roads.

"Provided that motor homes are not constructed to carry more than 8 passengers, or used to carry goods or burden other than those items necessary for the purpose of living in the vehicle, then they are not subject to speed limiter fitment regardless of weight.

They are considered as "motor caravans" - which are passenger vehicles with as many passsenger seats that the vehicle was designed to transport so excluding from the passenger count seats in living or seating areas not intended for use in transport."

'Living vans', i.e. motorhomes which carry goods or burden not directly necessary for the purpose of living in the vehicle, are classed as goods vehicles and subject to current goods vehicle requirements for speed limits and the fitting of speed limiters.

"Goods vehicles up to and including 3500 kg MAM do not and will not need a speed limiter. Those over 3500 kg but not over 7500 kg MAM newer than 1 October 2001 need or will need a speed limiter. Those over 7500kg but not over 12,000kg MAM newer than 1August 1992, and those over 12,000 kg MAM newer than 1 January 1988 also need a speed limiter."

'Living vans' are most commonly those motorhomes used by, for example, motorcycle race teams where part of the vehicle is used as storage or workshop purposes, the definition will also include any motorhome used to carry goods for exhibition or sale, for example traders at motorhome shows that carry stock, equipment, etc., in the vehicle. Owners who think that their use of a motorhome could mean that it is classified as a living van would be well advised to acquaint themselves with goods vehicle legislation.
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