Spanish Traffic Law in English (1 Viewer)


Aug 10, 2008
Funster No
A useful resource - for those English speakers resident in Spain and directed towards those visiting Spain

however ......., it appears, at first reading

a golden opportunity to address / explain the Spanish application (or otherwise) of the Vienna Convention has been missed - how very helpful it would have been for 'the web-site' to explain / document why / or why not the Convention is / is not recognised / applicable when tourists are on international transit
(it would also stop many 'pop corn' postings on this site and others)


a caveat, regarding reliance / accuracy on the information etc is at 'date of posting' - however this date of relevance is hidden within the Privacy Terms, in Spanish (11th December 2018)
(?? why publish a web-site in English - your intended audience - and then only put the Privacy details etc in Spanish ?? - perhaps this something that is coming ?? )

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