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    About a month into our first trip and thought we'd try a few nights wild camping. Started just outside Potes (having spent a terrific week based at the pay campsite outside Potes at Mieses, amazing country walks around the ridges) on road to Fuente De, small picnic area with water tap alongside stream. Other than barking dog all night no troubles at all -- breakfast at one of the tables and then off towards Leon. Second wild night WAS wild -- high in the mountains overlooking the reservoir Embalse de Riano between Potes and Leon -- howling winds and violent rain all night! Next night was in the main car park in Leon -- cost 2.80 Euros and car park attendants left at 8.00pm -- within sight of Leon's illuminated cathedral. Leon was well worth the visit with its city walls and amazing parador though coldest part of our trip so far at 14 C in the day. Next night found us heading north on the back roads through the mountains. Again stopped at a breath taking picnic site overlooking another reservoir. Yesterday found us both hankering after a shower and we found an increasingly rare (it seems??) open camp site just outside Luarca. Sitting watching the sunset over Luarca's lighthouse on the cliff edge as I write. My wife needs to fly home on 28th from Coruna airport for a week -- my first wife came from Ferrol in Galicia so I'm spending that time with family and friends there before we head down through Vigo - visit a sister in law near Oporto and head down towards Seville where a cousin runs an English school. Our intent is to rent a villa in the new year near Seville for a month or so (family visits etc) before carrying on with our travels. Any suggestions/recommendations for campsites/aires/wild camp sites along the way from Ferrol -- Vigo -- Porto -- Coimbra -- Lisbon -- Seville would be appreciated. Doesn't need to be very direct -- we're prepared to wobble around as the desire takes us.

    We'll defintely wild camp some more but probably always interspersed with paysites.
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    all i can say is just hug the coast its full of interesting villages etc .
    just about all have a carpark . and taps . we go right round galicia and down
    i recommend the carpark at cabo udra on the outcrop of land above vigo. well worth a visit .
    another at afife down by the beack tarmac parking with water .
    praia funtao just above porto . car park by beach .
    furaduro . loads parking .
    another is palheirao prai on a forset road above tocha . pick the road up at prai de mira .
    but keep right by the coast . we do it often great places .
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    Just a short bus journey from the City centre (10 mins) by bus No 140 is a place by the name of Gelves.
    The parking is on the marina with EHU and Wifi, restaurant on site and shops nearby.
    Peaceful and safe site with all facillities.

    N37.34106 W6.02410
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