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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by Jeroen van den Oever, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Jeroen van den Oever

    Jeroen van den Oever

    Oct 25, 2014
    We have introduced ourselves earlier this morning, and with no further ado, here's some questions :)

    1. Air suspension
    We have scanned the air-suspension threads, but information is somewhat scarce on tag-axle motorhomes.

    We've looked at AS and VB air suspension, and the Goldschmitt system has caught our eye (we saw it at the NEC) as well. Anyone got experience of them?

    Aside from the obvious (better ride, stability) we like the auto-levelling, and abilitity e.g. to tilt the motorhome to empty tanks etc.

    We intend to get something like the TC215B TPMS to help with correct tyre-pressures.

    2. Alarms
    Lots of different opinions, we figured we can't go wrong with a Vanbitz Strikeback alarm - is there anything we should be wary of?

    3. Navigation systems
    I've backed out of the option for an in-dash nav upgrade for the motorhome, to leave it with the standard media unit (TV, surround cameras, DVD) on the basis that we can get better stand-alone units (e.g. Kenwood don't do nav that takes into account weight/height/width/length to calculate routes).

    Anyone's experience of the Snooper DB8500 Pro S Ventura, which is our current candidate?

    4. In-dash camera systems
    I have been thinking about this for a while for my cars, and I definitely want to get one now I have a motorhome. There are so many brands, but I want one that can read numberplates (otherwise useless in a serious incident) in both night and day. Any recommendations?

    BlackVue 750 is our candidate at the moment.

    Sorry for question overload, we are doing all the research for the March ETA :) :)
  2. eddievanbitz

    eddievanbitz Trader - Funster

    Oct 4, 2007
    Taunton Somerset
    Hi and welcome to Motorhome Fun. I agree that after market installation is better for the items that you have mentioned. Regarding your queries with navigation and cameras, have a look at the Pioneer range of in dash units, of which some can have the F130/ F160 truck navigation added or the new 960 DAB "C" is the camper version, which has the F130/60 truck software pre loaded

    You can input height, width, length, weight, number of axles if your towing or not, and works extremely well.

    Also you can add the Pioneer rear camera to the unit so leaving the dash "clutter free" not having to have seperate screen. It works well with the navigation and allows for dual use, so you don't just have to use the camera for reversing.

    I've set mine up (it is my job) with Weaco/Dometic Dual lens camera. I have done this as I tow quiet a large trailer some times and I like to be able to see both rear corners and the tow bar, and look a long way down over the trailer to be able to check it, and to see to reverse.

    Good luck with your new motorhome by the way


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