Soalr and Battery Master - Sundance 630g 2003

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    Dec 17, 2011
    Hi guys, n girls.

    Started planning my solar install today. I have a couple of questions reference battery master install on a swift sundance 630g 2003.

    First question, I have had a look in the cupboard where the investor, small fuse board and 240v circuit breakers are located. It appears that there is a 30 amp relay with 2no brown wires and 2no switch wires with diodes inline. There also appears to be a join in one of the brown wires, which may have a fuse inline which has been heat shrinked.

    Is this the split charge relay? Anyone have any idea what this relay is for?

    Second question, I have just or a solar regulator delivered. It has a separate display, which shows solar supply, battery supply etc. it was circa £150 for box the regulator and screen. The make and model is CS evolution CSE0240 which is a 240w model, more than enough capacity for my 2no 80w panels. My question is has anyone come across the make/model? To be honest the regulator is tiny, the circuit board looks ok but the plastic enclosure is a little on the cheap side. I did expect to see a nice big heat sink, but it's pretty tidy.

    The regulator has 2no solar feed inputs and 2no battery outputs. It appears from the literature that it charges the leisure battery and then charges the engine battery once the leisure is full.

    So for the third question. Will I need the battery master, and do you think it will affect the regulator operation at all?

    As always any advice is envaluble.

    If pictures would help let me know and I will get a picture of the relay and regulator etc.

    Cheers peeps :thumb:
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