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Nov 19, 2014
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We have just sold our motorhome and are buying a new one, having looked on the CC site for selling and buying motorhomes quite a lot over the last three months, I am amazed at how many motorhomes are placed for sale on it by crooks from here and other countries, how I noticed this was by looking at a motorhome which was worth say £30k and seeing it priced at say £5k. I reported one the other day( the site asked you to do this if you see something that does not look correct).
The scam is that some people may think it is a bargain and to grab the bargain will send a deposit or some money to the seller, and will never hear from them again. Apparently the one I reported was a scam.
Perhaps nothing can be done about this, probably because no one has the interest to do so, it just makes one feel pretty sad that there are people about like it.
By the way the CC site was excellent for us we sold our MH on it for no charge.

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