So hows your week been?

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by darklord, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. darklord


    Apr 28, 2011
    Mine started reasonably enough, cold stopped play outside, but got a few bits done.
    Plenty or work, even though bosses were attempting an overtime ban:ROFLMAO:.
    I had a result on an ebay purchase, but all went wonky.
    Yesterday, I was assisting HMR&C, and parked by heavy wrecker at the front of an artic prior to loading it, it takes about 30mins to load plus sign the customs paperwork.......plenty of time for someone to climb in the cab and steal two satnavs and my phone:Eeek:
    The cab doors cant be locked as the engine needs to be running:RollEyes:.
    tesco mobile have been VERY helpful, and a new phone and sim are on their way, I have other satnavs, so thats not a problem:RollEyes:, and the theiving scroats didmnt get my camera that I have for damage proof.
    Reported it to the bosses, who were...whats the word....indifferent, the t*****rs. Got given an early start this morning, and the very nice chap (boss) who arranged the job....forga manual forgot it was a manual unload (another customs job) so I was 100 miles away,with no help, workig like a navvy:cry:

    The atmosphere when i got back...was very tense, so I beggared off home, had a nice hot bath and a cuddle with Mrs DL.
    Hopefully, sat morning, and next week, will be a little better....two days on a course will break it up bit.:thumb:
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