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Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by smudger, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. smudger

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    Feb 3, 2008
    hi folks, :Smile: well, an update on the, my tour so far, i hooked up with dave. snowbird, at parc verger, and we headed for bennidorm, spain, we had a nice run down and went via perpignan, we took our time and done the trip over three nights,and had a complete ball,::bigsmile: it was one of them runs, you never wanted to end, anyways we are now in la toretta, the weather is good and the craic is 90, very tight for rv,s but if your smaller than me, you wont have a problem,, right back to me, my car decided to have a hissy fit and not go to work when we got here, so the local garage have towed it in to there workshop and droped the car off to be repaired, and low and behold, as it was outside the garage, it got hit by another car, and what was suppose to be a flat battery, has turned out to be a major fiasco:Angry:,so unfortunatly gang, i cant scooch about at the mo, untill the car gets repaired, as i wanted to post some piccy,s so, for the time being, i,m going to use an old piccy, loved by so many of our continental members,especially those in olland, as an interlude, something like they used to do on itv in the early 70,s. when my car returns , i will try and put together, a nice little post with piccy,s for you all, but please be patent as this is spain, and everything is MANN YARRRRNAHHHHH, yes slow, BUT, i,m not slagging them in anyway, because everywhere i have been to, wether it be the town or otherwise, the people here, just cant do enough for you, so, as for jj and my kingdom in portugal, no , i havent abandoned thee, i,m just a little late on arriving, and if i miss christmas then, feliz natal ::bigsmile: and anyways, i have my name down for the portugal rally. so i will be there
    rite thats me, i,m off too me bed, nite all :thumb::thumb::thumb:

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  2. BreweryDave

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    Aug 10, 2011
    On tour!
    Glad you made it eventually Smudge, shame about the car though!!!

    Had one of the best breakfasts in Beni just up the road from there last month - opposite El Raco site. Can't remember the name, bit of a 'dive' but boy - the breakfast!!! (...think it was called 'home from home' or similar)
    Did a standard, double, triple, and quadruple! I wasn't greedy - just had the triple!!! El Waiter didn't crack a smile and was a bit of an 'old english coffin dodger', but there was a very pleasant girly at the bar!!!
    .......very worth it if you fancy a large and very nice brekky one morning:winky:

    We'll be over at Darren & Martins in a couple of weeks, and calling in at the 'Lode' for a few with Wyn!
    Hope to see ya when you return as we are now mobile in our new (yes - another one!) smaller MH !!!

    Have a good time mate.:thumb:
  3. hilldweller

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    Dec 5, 2008
    Well, you've got sun sea sand booze and snowbird.

    I tell you it beats oop north right now, don't know about brass monkeys, mine are falling off.

    Remember - Drink Responsibly !

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