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    Nov 2, 2013
    Hi, while the roads are free of snow I've spent the last few days bouncing around the resorts, taking a day in each place. And two Aires to avoid are La Rosiere and Val d' Isere.

    All the others from Les Menuires all through the valley to Bourg, to Ste.Foy are as you would expect, the above two are disaster zones.

    Val d' Isere (near la Fornet) is not on many guides but is advertised by the T.I on their parking guide. The reality is that it's full of converted trucks that won't move so the police have blocked them in for good with giant boulders, making for a Wild West community feel and nowhere to park.

    La Rosiere is a similar feel, lots of dogs roaming, big open pallet bonfire at night, many people roaming around all night. Just to add all were harmless but after the second bang on the van in the early hours offering to come and join them, I was over it. And no way would I leave a van there unattended when skiing for the day. The T.I said the police will kick them all out every now and then when enough people complain, but for now it's the Gaelic shrug.

    Funnily enough I thought damn I'm getting old to moan like this, but then in Lyon site the other night after dropping a freind at the station, I was chatting with a really nice group from a French motorhome skiing group and they equally new to avoid the above two this season and also added in that the police generally kick them all out pre Xmas week, then it slips again, then boots them all out for Feb French holidays. Apparently blocking them in entirely is when it's a last resort and they plan to raid the spot for drugs and it stops them escaping!

    Either way 99.9% are spot on but watch out for theses two in the current status quo.

    Oh and the Bourg funicular opens this weekend so they have started kicking everyone out of the car park but check out Recluse camp site just up the road, 15 euro, with 10 amps and decent warm facilities, plus dog friendly and on the bus route to Les Arcs, Seez etc.

    Happy skiing.


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