Ski Rack/Box - inside or outside best? (1 Viewer)

Aug 19, 2020
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Hymer 534
Since 2007
When we had our first motorhome ('98 534 LHD) it had a rather small rear storage area and getting the ski's in or out was a pain.
I think I may have been an early trend setter by buying a roof box that was small enough to be adapted to fit onto the rea bike rack. I made a wooden frame for it that would enable it to be slid forward a few inches to allow it to open properly. Worked quite well, but needed strap support eventually when the endless speed bumps started to take a toll on the rack tubing.
Our current Hymer Duo 534 has a much larger "garage" which evens takes our two bikes in the summer. I made up a simple ski rack using two verticals of timber bolted to the securing runners and then fitted u-shaped plastic gutter brackets to them. Ski's, poles, walking sticks, all easily strapped in place and can even have an old sheet folded below to catch the drips.
We sold the bike rack & can now even see out of the back window too!

Anyone else got a story about their choice of portage?

Oh Lord, please let it freeze before it snows out there this year.

Apr 19, 2008
Kent coast Hythe
Funster No
Rapido fiat based
brought first van 16 yrs ago
Same as you rear box was adequate but later changed the van (Rapido) world of difference for ski equipment.
Have a nice season.


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