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    Ok so the trip is over, where the hell did 6 weeks go, back home now the vans been cleaned and washed miraculously we survived without being attacked gassed or attacked by immigrants yet again.

    So Sicily here are our impressions.
    If you like Italy you'll love Sicily if you're not sure about Italy then Sicily is definitely not for you and it's a hell of a long drive.
    Its like Italy only magnified many times, the driving is totally insane, the roads are terrible, the mountain passes are narrower and the prices are horrendous. The views are spectacular especially on the coast roads the sea is crystal clear and warm, we swam in the sea almost everyday. The food especially street food is to die for and the coffee, well its Italy so no comment needed.

    There are some of the most beautiful small towns I've ever seen lots of history and historic sites to visit, the best for us being The Valley of the Temples. Visit late in the afternoon give yourself 3 hours and leave as dusk falls and all the temples are backlit, its magical, its what Pompeii should be instead of the horrible commercial monstrosity it is today.

    There is a motorway but its not worth the bother as its just a series of high viaducts and never ending tunnels and you don't see anything, instead get off and drive the coast roads. There is a new spectacular sight around every corner, you'll need good nerves to drive it especially getting through some of the towns you come across but once you settle in it's fine we managed perfectly well in a 5 tonne 7.5 metre tag axle.

    Campsites are actually quite good as a rule although don't expect much electric enough to run the lights is about the norm and most sites meter the electric as well. ACSI is accepted all over the island and the other usefull tip is to join Sicily Camping Tour its free to join and gives you a few extra campsites and exactly the same price as ACSI.

    Wildcamping seems to be allowed and there are some spectacular spots although a lot had a guy in a van who expected a donation of 5 euros but cheap enough considering the locations.

    The cities Palermo Catania and Messina are worth visiting, the old town usually signed "historico centro" and the markets are a sight to behold, but again the driving is literally a free for all, we used the motorbike in the cities and it was entertaining.

    The ferry we took was from Villa San Giovani to Messina very easy takes 30 minutes and the ferry is loaded with the usual Italian talent for chaos, wish we'd taken a video it was hilarious. No need to prebook just follow the signs to Caronte & Tourist pull right up to the window so they can see your van and buy your ticket, prices vary dependant on how long your staying I think the most expensive being 90ish euros for stays over 14 days but not quite sure.

    We drove around anti clockwise but most people we met were doing it clockwise, not sure it makes a lot of difference although the first 30 miles from Messina is definitely more attractive going clockwise but that finished our trip off nicely.

    We loved Sicily the weather was superb the sights were great the stops we found were pretty amazing almost a beach front stop every night the food was fantastic and the people were totally insane but lovely.

    Only negatives, fuel prices (but that applies to all Italy) and the litter some of the worst we've ever seen in fact it was like a North African Arab country, such a shame because it's a beautiful magical place.

    If you decide to go you need to make sure your wheels tyres brakes and suspension are all in tip top condition because they'll all get a battering also you need the loudest horn you can get it's an absolute neccesity.
    A couple of pics
    P1050703.JPG P1050658.JPG P1050495.JPG P1050674.JPG IMAG0280.jpg IMAG0258.jpg IMAG0228.jpg
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    Blimey you were brave !! mate is sicilian so been over there a few times but never driven just a passenger in a car & that was bad enough :eek: Lol. Have to agree with your view point ,a beautiful island,genuine people with a real love of life, Always look forward to going back. Great pics by the way !(y).
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    How do you join the Sicily Camping Tour to benefit from their discounts ?
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