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Jul 25, 2007
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As fulltimers my rational was that we should have the best equipment we could afford, no short cuts.. performance, reliability and longevity being the criteria.

To that end I decided to upgrade the water pump and retain the old pump as a standby, a pump failing in the back of beyond is not fun..

I looked at several makes and chose a Shurflo Smart Sensor 5.7 not cheap at around £200, but as one members signature says ..
Cheap No Good, Good no cheap..
. and I tend to agree ..

This is supposed to be the best, vairiable flow rate, no more scalding or freezing showers when someone else flushes the toilet .. in a nutshell .. the dogs whotsits.

I bought one from Linda before setting off for Europe but a couple of months later it packed up.. spluttered and died.. so I refitted the old pump and decided to wait until I was back in the UK to return it.

On returning home I contacted Linda who without question or quibble sent me a replacement pump the very same day.. I fitted it about four weeks ago and it worked a treat.. for about four weeks .. two nights ago it died .. dead , nothing, not a splutter.. :cry:

Yesterday I was talking to another RVer on the site and he also had to return a Shurflo Smart Sensor with exactly the same problems.. :RollEyes:

Now as luck would have it Linda emailed me today asking for details about the first pump's failure, regrettably I had to inform her about the failure of the replacement pump. :Sad:

So, I want no more to do with Shurflo Smart Sensor, Linda has agreed to send me a Flojet as a replacement..

As always, Linda of Stateside Tuning has been great, no quibbles ..just great service.. :thumb: thanks Linda . shame about the 'not so smart' pump ..

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Jul 26, 2007
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Linda at Stateside Tuning is a real STAR have to agree Jim


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Apologies Jim for the shoddy pumps....Shurflo are a long established company and a well known name which is why we carry their products. Please rest assured, however, in view of your experience we will NOT be supplying any more of the "Smart Sensor" pumps in the future :Angry:

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Aug 31, 2007
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I also have reason to thank Linda.
An ex-colleague of mine recently bought a previously owned campervan and informed me that his heater was unserviceable.
I told him about this site and also about Linda of Stateside Tuning.
Long story short, Linda sourced him a heater saving him £200.
Now I know where to go first should I need anything in the future.

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