Shurflo 4029 Equivalent water pump (1 Viewer)

Jun 7, 2021
Northamptonshire, UK
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I need to replace our existing Shurflo 4029 water pump because of intermittent problems. Ideally I'd like to replace like for like but I cannot find this replacement model on the internet. I have, however, found Pentair/Shurflo pumps that look similar but they don't have equivalent specifications. (The nearest model I could find was the Pentair 4008).

Some have three chambers, others four. Some have a cut off of 20psi, others 30... Also the max amps varies considerably and I not sure I want to increase this as I don't know what gauge wire is used at the moment.

Has anyone recently replaced a 4029 pump, and if so what replacement did they use please?

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