Shower tray and washroom cladding

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    As I mentioned on a previous thread I am fitting a domestic shower tray and cladding the whole washroom with 3mm Laminate tiling sheets (comes in 8ft x 4ft sheets).

    No wonder the shower tray cracked, the inept clowns that stuck the van together left a void under the waste, I mean a large unsupported patch. For no good reason !! :cry:

    The eagle has landed, shower tray in place, and I have spent all day cutting out the panels for each wall, working off the levels of the shower tray.

    However some tips for anyone of a similar inclination.

    1, Don't, go buy a new van, camp at the manufacturers and check everything that is going on, if they will allow you try and insist ! That may avoid some of the horrors. Remember they are paid operatives NOT craftsmen. :Eeek:

    2, For cutting buy at least two laminate saws, it is blooming hard stuff.

    3. Jig saws are not the best for long straight cuts.

    4. Take your time as the laminate chips easily. Masking tape along your cutting lines.

    Another full day, second fit, fit, then Sikaflex clear and white to seal. Probably get most of the sink, shower, and splashback cabinets in too. then just a piece of tensioned shower curtain (rail along top and along the bottom) to protect the door. May need to do the same with the window and the Seitz blinds. NO flappy curtains getting familiar with wet skin !! ::bigsmile:

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