Shower tap saga (1 Viewer)

Jul 17, 2021
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First a huge thanks for all the wisdom seasoned funsters have posted here. My wife and I are 18 mths in to MHoming, loving every adventure, testing/proving the marriage sometimes 😂
As many have warned, coming out of winter you can expect something watery to have failed. For me it was a Reich Kama single lever shower tap - YouTube helped get to the black plastic nut but getting that blighter off? See picture 1 below.
Lessons learned:
1. Manufacturers design things so users are likely to buy full replacements - in this case £134 minimum on eBay
2. Main dealers are too busy to help and advise they will have to fix it from “back to front” ie take the whole bathroom apart 😳££££
3. If you are patient and get the right tool you can fix it yourself - I say thin jaw pipe wrench a must take on every trip, she says her hair dryer on the nut made all the difference!


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