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    Dec 5, 2015
    Hi all

    just spent 3 nights at Conkers near Burton on Trent trying out our new Adria Matrix 670sl.

    Having downsized previously we had cleared a lot of stuff out and of course we thought it wouldn't be a problem putting what we had left in the new LARGER van !! BUT nothing seems to fit where you want it to - cupboard sizes are different (plate racks don't fit etc) food cupboards not quite where they should be and somethings seem to be style over substance - towel hooks look great but just do not work, everything ends up on the floor ........ you get the idea.

    it was very windy and we discovered that our awning is fitted slightly proud of the van leaving gaps along the length of the van - I think I can now whistle Dixie with the best of them !!!!

    moaning aside it was a real pleasure, the heating was fantastic, the bathroom was a giant step for mankind over the last van and sleeping was a pleasure(apart from the very loud whistling)

    planning a week on the south coast around Dover in mid January so one or two things to sort before then but I am sure we will get there.
    the mannclan

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