Servicing in Belgium or France?

Discussion in 'Belguim Netherlands' started by Grownupgapyear, May 23, 2016.

  1. Grownupgapyear


    May 21, 2016
    Hello all, thanks in advance for any replies! My partner and I are partway into a planned tour of europe, and after two nights of solid, heavy rain and some cooking we encountered serious levels of dampness in our overcab bed - so damp along the walls of the bed that I took off all the bedding and we slept on the sofas! We're now going to be a lot stricter with ourselves about cooking and leaving windows open etc, and we're planning to get camping mat type things to put under our bedding to help with air flow, but we've also noticed some bumps appearing on the walls and we're now worried that we have external water ingress... we REALLY don't want to have to go back to the UK to deal with this, so I was hoping someone might be able to advise us on where we might be able to go to get our van checked for water ingress and probably to get it resealed if that is the case? :s I speak french pretty well but not flemish :/

    A bit of background info: we bought our 1999 Fiat ducato second hand so it's not under warranty, there are no visible signs of mould anywhere, it's just damp and bumpy, although we haven't dared take off any off the wall paper or anything to get a better look.
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    we find that when cooking, especially with the gas, we need a rooflight and a window open, sometimes two.. When sleeping, except when sub-zero outside, we have at least a rooflight open and usually a window cracked open. This provides circulating air otherwise you are just sitting in a cold box so any moisture in warm air will quickly condense and cause dampness. I hope you don't have water ingress, the only time we had it was in a caravan and we were well aware of it, the water ran in.
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    Ok so what will you ask for in French? I could correct you before you actually need it. Where are you by the way? .
    Ok you're only read funster, so you can't answer so here you go: I don't usually do this but just in case you're in a real mess!

    And put a title on your email or I will just dump it. "Funster in trouble" should do !

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