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    hiya...could someone advise us newbies.....our gulfstream(1988) 2000 is going in for a service and habitation check....1) do we fill the lpg tank ?...2)...should we half fill water tanks?...3)...what is covered in the habitation bit?...also any pertinent questions we should ask.........thanx and may all your paths be blessed:thumb:
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    Hi, this was provided by Peter at JCM

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    There is no need to do anything other than turn up and let the garage do their thing. As well as the previous post there is an indusry standard that habitation checks should be carried out in accordance with. It s somethjing like SMMT. The document is on the forum somwhere but I cant remember where it is. I'm sure that somebody else will be along to point you to it. If you do a search on the forum you should find it.

    Just ask what is going to be done and be sure that your happy with it. Most of the habitation check is a visual inspection to ensure that all is well with the habitation area.

    Ask any questions regarding parts of your mh that you dont understand or may have concerns over, its the perfect time to get a bit of free info. Ask if the gas system and water heater will be checked as the gas system can cause potential danger if faulty and a water heater failure is something that you dont need.


    Jim :thumb:

    Edit. Sorry the attachment in the above post is SMMT.... Jim
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