Seitz Door Corrosion.

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    Feb 3, 2008
    After seeing an article in the MMM where a Seitz door had been replaced under warranty due to premature corrosion I checked our door and found that it was also showing signs of corrosion around the bottom edge of the door under the black rubber/plastic seal, the usual furry powder. When removed the paint has gone and bare aluminium left behind. Has anyone else found this on their Seitz door? The Motorhome is an Autocruise Stardream and only three and half years old so we are pretty miffed. What is the best way of treating this with regards to the best primer etc? Any help or advice much appreciated along with comments regarding your own Seitz doors. I may add that the Motorhome is kept garaged throughout the year so is not in the usual elements except of course when we are touring. I might add that this is not the main door seal but the decorative one round the front edge of the door.
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