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Discussion in 'Motorhome Security' started by Paul J, May 4, 2018.

  1. Deneb

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    Oct 20, 2015
    Since a robbery involves the threat or use of force against a person, it would be very difficult to be the victim of a robbery and not know about it at the time!

    Theft on the other hand, is a different matter.
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    Apr 5, 2013
    My simple answer to internal cab security.

    Sits high enough above the seats that should I ever require to drive away from a wild camping spot, then I can.

    Great visual deterant too, easy to fit and remove and costs next to nothing.

    Though you might like to know:)
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    Jul 6, 2018
    What price security?

    Well I worked in the Commercial Intruder Alarms and Integrated system business for many years. If a thief wants it they will have it full stop! A local Caravan dealer had 3 vans stolen they just wrapped chains around the A frames and dragged them onto trailers.

    There are many schools of thought on how to approach security. Make it secure as possible and hope the yobbos pick an obviously less secure target. Fit physical security and do not bother with alarms. Let the Insurance Company take the weight and not bother with any security. These are but a few. I guess it’s all relative to the value of your van and possessions within.

    With a Determined thief or professionals, you stand no chance they often steal to order, you have to accept that! (A friend who was a transport manager had three Lorries stolen, it was discovered that they had been booked on a ferry to France the week previous to being stolen).
    You might be able slow them down and make it damn awkward to take, which may buy you valuable time, this may well be key to stopping them, or perhaps them abandoning the attempt.

    Alarm systems, these come in many types, Thatcham approved being the most secure and recognised by the insurance industry, most vehicles are already fitted with alarm systems some Thatcham approved some not, normally the insurance company will want to know which system you have and what Level of Thatcham type approval it has. There are 3 levels for alarms 1, 2 and 2/1. however please be aware there are some companies that give convincing specifications on their systems however they may not have Thatcham type approval. Be wary if the company uses wireless detectors and door contacts, to my knowledge these do not fall in line with the Thatcham guidelines. My advice would be always use hard wired detectors / contacts, One, they are generally more secure, and Two, if you have to replace them they are less costly and you will have a variety of options available rather than having to stick with the wireless manufacturers sensors.

    Trackers, a lot of insurance companies like them or insist on them, I think it depends on the vehicle your insuring. How do they work? In a nutshell they receive signals from the GPS satellites, triangulate the position of the receiver, and resend (push) that data via the cellular network to a GPS tracking server to be read by tracking apps or software. Disabling them? Yes you can, GPS / SPS (L1 1575.42MHz) can be jammed, wideband jammers can remarkably be purchased very easily, or for those with the knowledge can make simple equipment to do the same. The uplink via the cellular network is less likely to be compromised however there is a question of the signal coverage in the area you are located.

    However a thief can never really be sure that the signal has been compromised, so another common tactic would be to gain access and rip the tracker out. In MH's that have factory fitted trackers I'm pretty sure the installation location of these devices would be well known, however the location of those fitted by security companies would be relatively unknown. If you have a commercial tracking system already fitted, you might also wish to consider a second tracker, a thief would be unlikely to expect a second device! Considering the cost of these devices today, they could almost be used as a sacrificial device, used so that when the thief has located it and removed it, he is now confident that he has got rid of the device and will no longer be tracked. A typical cheap unit for those that wish to have something rather than nothing or to be used as a backup would be the TK103 series of trackers, Google is your friend! Please note the suffixes at the end of the model numbers denote the various functions the unit has so make sure you are purchasing the right model for your needs.
    Generally Insurance companies do not accept Alarm systems to Trackers that are self-fitted.

    Immobilisers these are generally part and parcel of the alarm system, however more secure standalone devices can be purchased that are more secure and more importantly can be controlled remotely via an app or a computer. These have the benefit that should you lose or have your keys stolen you can disable the vehicle remotely

    Stopping them getting in!!!???. IMHO would be difficult because there are few RV's that I would say are inherently secure .... Perhaps panel vans? The leisure industry tends to use chocolate to fabricate their doors, windows and roof-lights because weight is a factor, this is unlikely to change. However making it unbearable to stay in the van is a viable option. Internal sounders can produce a wall of sound that deters even the most determined (even with ear defenders). You might want to consider an alarm that has a deafening internal sounder system. If you have an existing system and you wish to enhance the internal sounder, Google “Sound Bomb” this is a quad Piezo Electric sounder with a low current consumption that is deafening, install two of these in your van you won’t want to hang around.

    Physical security, this is a good visual deterrent, and is generally accepted as a good way of slowing the criminals down. I’m sure that professional criminals know how these devices can be removed but it’s a good deterrent to the casual thief and another weapon in the armoury!

    So back to the original comment what price security? Well if I have spent a considerable amount on a Motor home, personally I think it’s a no brainer not to secure it to the best of your ability, why would you not?

    On collection mine is going straight to a specialist to have an additional alarm and remote immobiliser fitted. Additionally I will be fitting a few little surprises along the way for any would be thief, which I will not be discussing on any social media.

    These are my personal views and you may wish to take different measures or none at all, its just my 2d!
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