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After much deliberation, I have now removed the two front seats from my 21 year old Fiat Ducato with 4 berth ally back and installed a double and single drivers revolving set of seats from my old Toyota. To be honest both seats were well past their sell by date, when I weighed up the costs and overall suitability ( my mate and I are both disabled ) I concluded the best option was fabricate the original seat bases and bolt on the new seats.

The old seats were difficult to get between and uncomfortable, the new ones spin round once you press a button and I now have a three seater sofa against the windscreen and loads more room. My Cocker spanial is well pleased that she now has her own seat and can actually see where she is going. She never ventures into the back when we are on the road as the scarey cooker monster makes various really nasty noices ! LOL

The Toyota Master Ace middle set of seats are fitted with lap belts, fold flat, swivel and lock in various positions. The original shoulder belts fitted to the Fiat are usabled on two seats with the connector popping through seat, the lap belt for the 3rd passenger. Another bonus is that my 4 berth can now be used as a 6 berth as it makes a large bed with the aid of either the spare mattress from the over cab bed ( I can sleep up their, but only on my own ! LOL ) or an air bed.


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Sounds like you have been busy. I love swivel seats and in the motorhomes and in those I have owned that didn't have them I always felt cheated and tried to fit the swivels. A proper motorhome has swivel seats:thumb:

Our German Shepherds not allowed up front in my landrover but he just loves to stick a head out a side window, no matter how fast were going, he has to be out there in the slipstream, ears flapping and cheeks filled with air:Doh:

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