seasonal pitch nr southampton - help please

Discussion in 'Full Timers' started by do1977, May 9, 2009.

  1. do1977


    Oct 28, 2008
    where i park up
    hi there we are looking for a campsite which is open all year round in order to buy a seasonal pitch . we need it to be within an hour's drive max of j7 of the m27 if possible.

    we have a winnebago brave,so need quite a large pitch
    we'd like it to be child friendly
    we want to take our dog there
    ideally a swimming pool
    preferably some entetainment although not essential
    wi fi would be a bonus !

    i know this is a large list of requirements so if anyone knows one that could tick most of the boxes please let us know. the idea is that we can park it on the site all year round and then take the kids away at weekends and school holidays.

    we looked into one we stayd at , it cost us £35 a night , but they only want £46 a week if it is seasonal pitch (paid up front), so quite a saving !

    many thanks in advance ,

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