Sea France £19 each way every day

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  1. custom_ride


    Jan 29, 2008
    Just got email from Sea France, Check it Out

    Due to popular demand, the 10,000 crossings on the early booking offer have now sold out. Don’t worry, we’ve made 1,000’s more sailings available at £19* each way including school holidays and bank holidays throughout the year**! These fares are available until the 2nd February, or before if they sell out too!

    Don’t forget that as a Bon Voyage Privilège Passenger your fare is reduced by £2 each way, making this another great fare from SeaFrance for our Bon Voyage Privilège Members.

    Make the most of this loyalty reward using the following code: BVP10JAN
    (Only available if Bon Voyage Privilège Member travels - see Ts and Cs)

  2. Peter James

    Peter James

    Dec 5, 2009
    I got a Seafrance Dover Calais crossing on 9th December with 6.3m motorhome for £22

    When I got across to Calais I called in at the Seafrance Office, as if I was going straight back, to see what a crossing would cost if booked there, to save the bother of looking online. I was told there is a minimum charge of €140 (one hundred and forty Euros) day or night:ROFLMAO:

    P&O was about the same when booked at the port. I gather they are both a bit more reasonable when booked at the office in Calais town centre.

    When trying to book the Seafrance return crossing online last week, I found that when you book Dover Calais you get the price in pounds, but when you try to book Calais Dover it automaticaly charges you in €uros at about twice the price. Tried P&O but their website had a fault that would only let me book one crossing, about 5.30pm about £80, and would not display any others.

    I finished up with LD lines Boulougne to Dover 17.30hrs at their minimum price of £42.

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