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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by gazznsam, May 28, 2009.

  1. gazznsam


    May 15, 2009
    Eastwood, Notts
    Waaaay back when i built my first van, the best thing i bought was a 4.5 tog king size single sleeping bag, the make was scriven, based in harogate i believe.

    this was no ordinary sleeping bag, designed for motorhome use it was more like a duvet than a sleeping bag,

    When women discovered me :RollEyes: i bought another one, the 2 zipped together make a lovely cozey, and massive sleeping bag just over 6 foot wide... fits our 6' x 7' long bed perfectly.

    I've had the origional sleeping bag about 12 years now, and it's only just begining to show it's age, not helped that the first rat we got thought it needed extra ventilation, so handily added some for us :Doh: and tatyana has eaten the lower bags zip in a few places.

    The other bag is about 8 years old, so still has a few years of use left... being the top one it dosent suffer the attention of the ratties.

    i fear when i wash it next it'll fall appart, it opened the rat added ventilation holes up when i washed it last.

    I've not seen these sleeping bags for sale at the shows for yonks, i went to harrogate to buy my second one, was someone selling them from their house... think they made them there, as they also sold dog beds out of sleeping bag offcuts (toffee loves hers, which was Dino's before she came along)

    searching for Scriven brings up scriven leisure, which is not the same company it seems,

    i guess they've gone under, but does anyone know differently,
    or anyone know where i can get a duvet like sleeping bag of similar size?? must be 4.5 tog, as i keep the van at 21 degrees, and thicker and i'll boil in the bag <boom boom> :Blush:

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