Screen-Cover (2007) - Will it fit 2008 Hymer B544?

Discussion in 'Hymer' started by Go Humberto!, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. Go Humberto!

    Go Humberto! Funster

    Aug 18, 2016
    Just my luck..

    I'd settled on a Taylor-Made Screen cover for my 2008 Hymer B544 and I get this email...

    "we have some 2007 in stock. but due to the fire last year we don't have the patterns anymore, so it would be advisable to try them against the van. I don't want to post them out and then find they are not fitting properly."

    The MH already has awning track each side of the windows, so somebody had a screen cover previously.

    So.. will a 2007 cover fit my 2008? Photos suggest it's the same but I want to make sure. It's a bulky item to be re-posting.

    The 2006 had different light-clusters but it looks like the bodywork and screen are the same.


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