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Nov 18, 2009
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I go for my 3 miles run most mornings and if we ever have a stay over guest I take advantage of a lift when they depart to give me a bit of a change of scene running home.

Just to fill in the background I live in a rural area and the occasional horse and rider are often encountered. It says on their vest "pass slow and wide" and I drop to 10 mph max and pass wide. If another vehicle is coming towards I wait till both lanes are clear so that I can go over to the other side.

Well, last Sunday my ex sister in law (2 wives ago) was heading for home having stayed overnight. The road is a 30 limit and some of it is downhill. I confess that I have done 35 down the hills simply because it feels daft to hold my foot on the brake to keep within the limit.

My sister in law does at least 50 mph and we came across a horse and rider, coming towards us was a Mercedes who didn't see any need to hug the kerb on his side. I could see us passing this horse with inches to spare at best and not the slightest reduction in speed.

The whole experience was so alien to me that I did shout out for her to slow and stop prior to the squeeze and she did. I need to mention that she did not share my anxiety and told me so.

I should also mention that I cycle a bit when the weather is nice. Within half a mile of the horse encounter we came across an identical situation with our needing to pass a cyclist with an approaching van on the other side.

I kept my gob shut tight and the cyclist lived to tell the tale.

Without mentioning names (coz I'm a coward) I have, on another occasion, yanked the steering wheel to the left to stop a collision when my driver was going to collide with an oncoming vehicle.

There again I was reprimanded. Should I keep my big fat gob shut and hope for the best or give in to my survival instincts?

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