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    Over the time being a member on the forum I have found that there are two types of subscribers. Ones that are very knowledgable and give constructive advice, and then the other.
    I'm am now going to throw myself to the wolves!!! here goes.
    In the middle of August and of that age I decided to purchase 2 x 2017 Scott e-bikes from a recommended dealer up here in the North West who have been extremely accommodating , cost £4600 with multi purchase discount, which was very close to purchasing from abroad. (God bless Judge Mental).
    On ordering I was told by the salesman who phoned Scott UK up in Cramlington near Newcastle whilst I was with him that both bikes would arrive beginning of September 2016 and paid £400 deposit.
    The next day the salesman telephoned to say that Scott UK had telephoned him that morning to say "the 2017 ladies would still arrive in September but the mans would not arrive in the UK until December or even January 2017, I was not pleased, how could Scott UK be so wrong in 24hrs.
    After watching all these consumer programs who have always suggested that if you have a complaint with a company, do some home work and contact the CEO. The CEO of Scott is Mr Beat Zaugg in Switzerland. Going onto Scotts web page I filled in the enquiry message form and addressed it for the attention of Beat Zaugg CEO. Needless to say I did not receive any reply.
    On the 6th September the salesman telephoned informing me that the ladies bike had arrived and was ready for collection, I told him I could not collect it until the 12th. Whilst on the telephone the salesman asked if I'd had a reply from the CEO to which I said No, he said he had been contacted by Scott UK who knew about my e-mail. On the 12th September I collected the ladies bike and was informed that the mans bike "could" arrive in the next two weeks.
    Having not received a reply from the CEO or Scott I thought I would send Beat Zaugg another e-email as below on the 6th September.
    Good evening
    Further to my e-mail of the 6th September 2016 I was disappointed that I did not receive an acknowledgement from neither you or your U.K. agent. That said I am pleased to inform you that the 2017 Scott E-Sub Tour Unisex has arrived and being enjoyed.
    When we collected the Unisex e-bike from ************* on the 12th September 2016 the salesman informed me he had spoken to Scott UK that morning and been informed that my Scott E-Sub 20 men's Small bike would arrive for collection within the next 2 weeks, how wrong he was.
    Today I e-mailed the dealer who now informs me that my E-Sub 20 will NOT arrive in the U.K. until the 17th October 2016, and be ready for collection some time latter, yet another big disappointment.
    Having worked for a large public company for 42 years where time schedules are paramount and if not could be life threatening I would be outraged if simple time management/delivery was so undirected.
    Will you please give this your immediate attention before my faith in the Scott mark falls further.
    Making reference to the Scott mark, I was surprised that for advertising purposes the Scott logo on your e-bike was not more prominently displayed, having been asked many times "nice looking bike, what make is it"
    On a lighter note and being of a similar age may I suggest you listen the the Queen pop groups hit "I want to ride my bicycle"
    Waiting in anticipation of an early reply.

    Having again not receiving a reply from Beat Zaugg on the 28th September 2016 I e-mailed him again as below:-
    Good Afternoon
    Having now sent 2 previous emails enquiring as to when my Small Scott E-Sub 20 men's bike will be in my possession and asking you or Scott's Uk agent for clarification, I'm at a loss as to why such a large reputable international company treats its customers in such a contemptible manner.

    Again, awaiting in anticipation for a reply


    This time I did receive an e-mail from him which was-gob smacking.
    Dear Colin

    Thanks for choosing our Product and brand and sorry for disappointing you in your expectation. We are a Bike and Sporting Goods Company that knows how to Build Products and service them to our Best Knowhow.

    Sorry to inform you that we have no medical Know How and can’t handle any Mental Issues.

    Please inform us once your mental situation has been better and you can enjoy life again.

    All the Best





    My question to you is what my next move should be. I have looked into cancelling my Scott e-bike and purchasing another brand, unfortunately the only other brand l like will not arrive until January 2017

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Dunno what to say, but their response did make me laugh. Maybe your email was "lost in translation"?
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    With a response like that from the CEO what chance with the rest of the company.
    I would cancel and go for your second choice.
    You say that's not available until you really expect the Scott to be here before then now you upset the CEO.
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    May 6, 2010
    Late last year I ordered our two 2016 Haibikes, the ladies one came a few weeks later as promised, we were then told the gents may not arrive until the New Year so I said I would cancel the order for the gents, after a few phone calls back & forth I was offered a massive discount on the 2015 model which was identical except the colour scheme and the size needed was in stock ready to go, I took that option
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    Aug 17, 2015
    Clearly the company don't really give a toss whether you buy their bike or not so its all dependent on how much you want their bike

    Personally I'd go elsewhere but then again I would have bought Cubes to start with and saved myself over a grand
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