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Scotland vigilantes

Aug 18, 2014
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The Daily Mail comments section is a more civilised place than fb :D
They banned me!! :crying::crying:
but communication with relatives, especially grand children, and friends has changed with the times, and Facebook rules OK.
Wecuse viber or wassap. otherwise they talk to themselves
deleted account....
so did I. Not that I ever used it.
It was quite chilling to hear people who really believe the vaccine will contain microchips and so will refuse vaccination. Unless there’s a large take up of the vaccine, I don’t think it will be effective.
Try not laughing when the neighbors Ukrainian wife is harping on about it and the anti-christ, lizards, etc;etc;etc; while standing there in 40º+heat with a mask,gloves & weed spraying back pack on:censored:
Nov 5, 2014
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An expert is someone who knows a little bit more than you do on any subject. That's what I was told. By an expert, obviously. :giggle:
By that definition there must be thousands of experts on this forum. :giggle:

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Feb 18, 2018
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Ok for those of you have have slated me and even swore at me for posting about 2 facebook pages please let me explain

I do not do facebook either i am on facebook for the sole reason of being a carthago member as this is the only way to join their group.

I was told about the 2 facebook sites i mentioned so i joined to see what was being said about us and it is not pretty if you take the time to read some of the locals views about us.

Most decent motorhomers doing absolutely nothing wrong but getting slated just for parking in a car park legitimately.

I was merely trying to point out what some locals think of us visiting Scotland not all i must add but a fair few vigilantes

I have since left both the facebook groups but it has opened my eyes on visiting Scotland this year something i personally will give a miss for now
I know where you’re coming from. I have unfollowed a couple of ‘useful’ Groups - CamRA and Scottish Wildcampers because the negativity being reported from Scotland was depressing me. Where we have a house in Torridon all is ok but a neighbour Told me MH tyres had been let down just along the glen road in Kinlochewe and I have seen posts for myself from people who live in Applecross.

it’s sad and worrying. We are taking our camper up with us then we go to our house do we have a toilet en route and do we can do day trips in it. We have booked an outside table at the Applecross inn on Sunday but will take the food to eat in the camper if weather or midges are vile. I hope we don’t get abuse.
Nov 22, 2007
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FaceAche, Is a useful tool providing you regard much of what is posted with a Jaundiced eye. I have an account on face book as the result of needing to comunicate with a broad section of people spread all over the UK and Continent when researching a project back in 2013 to 15. To be fair it is rarely used now. "Fake" news in ALL media is a current issue, the only way to counter it is to do due diligence and cross check information.

The alleged "vigilante" issue has been widely trolled, and not just on F-B / Twatter but in the "gutter" press too.
Sep 22, 2017
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I joined it once about, oh, some years ago now. forgot the password, balls'd up that old AOL email, then managed to find the account somehow with a new and current gmail account. Never had so many friends I didn't know. I call it 'arse about face book' now and never use it, even if I can find myself on there, poxy thing.

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Aug 3, 2016
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What's convinced you that this not just more Facebook bullshite?
I dont understand this comment, i was advising people what "SOME" Scottish locals were doing and saying about motorhomes visiting Scotland.

I do not need convincing of what i have read with my own eyes it can not be "facebook bullshit" as i logged onto the site and read the various nasty comments about fikthy campers etc etc myself.

I know facebook spreads gossip but i was stating facts about what real people were saying about motor homes in their areas.


Jan 24, 2019
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Yes there are a lot of MH's & caravans about, we see them going past our home, have I heard anyone moaning about is the answer.
However the tents brigade are a different matter, a local forest drive has been closed because of the amount of rubbish they are leaving, now they are really getting peoples backs up.
Same in Essex its the 'wild campers' (Tents) that are an issue, no public facilities so where is the human waste going? and littering as well as those charcoal BBQ's that burn holes in the ground and some have used the arms on Lock gates to do their cooking and burnt the arms of the gates!
Aug 13, 2019
Hawarden near Chester
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Although they are in a minority, I won’t be visiting in the foreseeable future
We're going up there for the delayed mini retirement tour when their schools go back next month... I might have to dig out my old CBA

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Minxy Girl

Aug 22, 2007
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Are they the same as the group who have a Charity Shop In Hornsea?.
Yup, we often 'donate' stuff to them, got a load waiting to drop off when they are ready for it ... the lady who runs the rescue has a house who's hall and kitchen dinette area are usually stuffed with boxes and bags of goodies and that's when the shop is open ... I haven't a clue what her place will be like now!
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