school hols, scarborough.

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    anyone going to scarborough in oct school hols..requirents...plenty food,coz' i'm a greedy bag.extra alc 4 my older arf'plenty of toys/kids 2 keep our daughter amused,as i can't be bothered,..extra coffee cola as i'm t-total (been there,done that)..we don't do football,so don't mention it as we would'nt know who or what you're on about.but we play fun football.must be very friendly'not to friendly'..outgoing..get as drunk as you like,but if you vomit near my van as they say 'a smack in the gob will offend you'..lively,but not idioticly stupid,,as i know your not...enjoy the likes of rounders,5 a side football.go 4 look around town,fish chips..jokes.oh yes,i fibbed..must interact with kids games,it's fun.......and a must for as skint as the rest of us.:roflmto:

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