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Aug 20, 2014
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The big panic affecting many motorhomers in the UK seems to be the 90 day rule. As I see it there are many countries outside the Schengen worth visiting. Bulgaria Romania and Croatia being just a few. I can think of worse places to be than Romanias Danube Delta. A lovely part of the world and cheap as chips compared with the Schengen zone. A three day drive, so no further than Spain, use 3 of your 90 days up getting there and 3 coming back. Job done.
Loved your article particularly because that's exactly what we are planning
Would like to run our plan by you and other members to check that we have got the details right

Leave U K on 20.1.22
travel to France, Italy, Scicilly and mainland Greece up to March.
After 80+ days cross into Albania and then other Balkan countries for a further three months or more then return home via Hungary, Austria and France.
are we breaking any EU Policy ?

Couldn't agree more

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