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    Nov 18, 2011
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    well finding out that Scarborough is not as ante motor home as it's made out to be just ante free loading blue badge holders and piss takers
    just spent a night in the sea life sanctuary car park £6 for 24hrs nice pub at top off car park good food to and met sum other motorhomers
    the blues badge holders have ruend it for the majority and there the ones kicking up the stink
    herd one in the car park talking of how grate it was to park for weeks on end for nothing bring every thing from home and buy nothing
    there is a few car park around that you can park 24hrs as long as you pay your £6 pound seems fare to me right next to the sea fine for me and the grandson to fish and a wee Trane in to take us for a wee trip to the north beech
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