Saw this app on a FB forum, downloaded and it looks pretty good for foreign travel (1 Viewer)

Mar 15, 2021
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This was the post on FB - Only for android at the moment.
As I spent this winter traveling through Europe with my motorhome, I realized there was a lot of useful information that I needed to know, but either couldn't easily find or had to painstakingly gather from various websites.
So I got down to business and made an app (
) designed specifically for people who travel with motorhomes and camper vans. I have gathered here useful information for when you are on the road - from fuel prices in each country in an easily comparable format, to answers to “existential” questions like "Is it mandatory to have the headlights on in this country?", "Which are the cities with Low Emission Zones" and many others.
The app is currently available only on Android, and in English (free and without ads). It contains information only on European countries. You can find it here
I hope it will be useful to others too!
Also, I continue to work on it, so any feedback is highly appreciated! Moreover, if you have encountered any problems in your travels that an app like this could solve, feel free to reach out and let me know as I will continue to integrate new functionalities.
Enjoy & safe travels!

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