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    I posted this first over on and and not having seen it mentioned on this forum . If you look at the camping and caravan maps that were given away with last months and this months MMM (2 with each issue)you will see that they are sponsored by the caravan club. Open them up and in each you will find a £5.00 voucher for each stay at the Camping and Caravan club. So over the two months there is a potential saving of 20 quid. AND theres another if you dig out the MMM free guide called Escape 2008, over 1275 UK and Irish campsites reviewed,with map and contacts that was given away with the copy of MMM that arrived at the end of January (the cover months never bear any resemblance to the actual month). Twenty five quid off your stays with CCC (although not all at once) can't be bad. If you want to really go to town Out and About magazine also had the Escape2008 guide (out beginning of April).:roflmto::roflmto::roflmto:

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