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Aug 18, 2008
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A serious question has arisen from my nephew and i promised to as the experts.

How does Santa know where the van is, and, how does he get in?

He is not coming away as he wants his presents and Santa might miss him!
All answers appreciated!



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Jul 19, 2007
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Santa knows where the van is because YOU sent Santa a letter with your full itinerary on it.

How does Santa get in? Down the fridge vent! :thumb:


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Jul 28, 2007
Landrake, Cornwall
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Haven't you got a mobile phone, Sir - golly gosh, I thought everybody knew that he could trace you by your mobile phone emissions - just like the Emergency services.
Apr 19, 2008
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Santa story for the kids

There are many ways santa enters a motorhome, it could be through the gas flue, or as Bryan said, through the fridge vent.

Your nephew has to remember that santa always carries his magic dust with him on christmas eve, which helps him get into even the most awkward places.

Once upon a time, there were two children, a brother and a sister, Their parents had taken them to stay at a very modern hotel. Their room was right in the middle of the hotel. There was no fire place and the double glazed windows in their room were locked tight for health and safety reasons.

He loved summertime when he could play outside with his friends enjoy the sunshine and play in the outdoor pool at home, but he hated cold weather and christmas time.

The brother who was older than his sister and not the nicest of children teased her saying "Santa wont be able to bring presents this year because there is no fire place or chimney for him to come down.

The Little girl in tears ran to her mother and told her what her naughty brother had said. "Dont worry" said mum "Santa will find a way in here, you wait and see"

On Christmas Eve when his sister was asleep, he sneaked out of bed, got the christmas tape that was left over from wrapping presents with the parents and taped up all around the door. He got a spare sheet from the wardrobe and blocked the bottom of the door. Turning the lights off he look around. Suddenly he saw a glimmer of light. "Oh The keyhole I forgot about that" so he taped the keyhole up as well.

Now santa wont be able to visit. Theres no chimney for him to come down, the door is already locked and he cant squeeze in through any gaps anywhere because I have sealed them all up.

By this time he was so tired, he fell asleep.

Santa meanwhile was delivering presents all over the world and arrived, as he did every year at the hotel. "These new buildings really keep me fit and test my skills" he commented to the raindeer. "I always have to use more magic dust, especially when so many families are now spending times in modern hotels. Its not the same as going down the chimney and leaving presents under the tree"

Landing on the roof he put the special invisible cloak over the sleigh and reindeer, activated the sleigh bell mufflers and got back in. All that could be seen were the two eyes of Rudolph peering through the invisible cloak, leading the way.

The raindeer were used to the "hotel routine" by now". The sleigh stopped beside the first window. A little girl and her parents were all asleep in the same room. With a single sprinkle of magic dust Santa went from the sleigh into the bedroom.

Quietly he put the presents at the end of the little girls bed. Another sprinkle of dust and he was back in the sleigh.

And this continued from window to window, room to room.

Finally he entered the brother and sisters room. Having visited the hotel for years, Santa immediately saw something was not right. "Ho ho ho" he thought to himself when he saw what the boy had done.

Now in hotel rooms there is always a table and pen and some paper left for guests to use.

Santa sat down and wrote a note.

He left the presents for the children and sprinkling his magic dust was back in the sleigh in a flash.

"Wake up Wake up Santas been Santas been" shouted the little girl. The boy woke up to find both of them had a christmas stocking full of goodies and a present each from santa.

The noise his sister made had woken the parents. He quickly removed the tape from the door, the lock and hid the sheet under his bed before they came in

"Merry Christmas" his parents said to both of them.

As they sat on the two chairs by the table to watch the children finish unwrapping their goodies his father noticed an envelope with the boy's name on it.

"Looks like this is for you" he said passing the envelope to the boy who opened it quite bewildered as to who it was from

"Nice try! I really liked the christmas tape around the doors and the keyhole. It made the room look festive. I do hope you dont get into trouble over it as we shouldnt alter things that dont belong to us.

Just remember Christmas is a time to enjoy and has its own beauty and fun, far different from the summers you love.

I can get anywhere anytime because there are lots of difficult places that I have to deliver presents to. I even have to deliver presents to people who are always moving around for example in submarines, motorhomes. I never miss any good child no matter where they are because the christmas magic always ensures I can find any child on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas
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