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    Having just got my IH PVC on a Fiat chasis, went off and got the Sanef Tag. Stepped inside the MoHome to fit the holder and Tag, to find that the rear view mirror holder and casing takes up all of the shaded area.

    According to the Sanef instructions, l can just stick the holder and Tag onto the plastic casing of the rear view mirror. So l did.

    I then saw the following :

    " Some vehicles are known to have equipment in the mottled area such as rain sensors or automatic emergency braking sensors. E.g. Volvo XC60 / 90, some Mercedes. The mottled / shaded area behind the rear view mirror will be free of any heat reflective metallic coating that is sometimes applied to the glass in the factory to reflect the sun and keep the car cool on a hot day. The tag must go in the mottled area as it is free of any heat reflective coating, so the signal to it is not blocked by the metallic coating on the glass. In situations like this we have had it reported back to us by customers who have such vehicles that fixing the tag on the middle of the plastic casing of the equipment that is occupying the mottled/shaded area has been successful. "

    The above seems to be somewhat different from the original instructions that came with the Tag, the implication being that it has gone from will be fine, to it might work.

    Anyone out there with definitive experience of sticking the Tag and holder onto the Fiat rear view mirror plastic holder ?
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