Sailun Tyres, a Review

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    Aug 14, 2009
    Hi All,

    I've just spent a pleasurable??? couple of hours swapping over the front wheels for the back wheels on the'van.

    I promised myself this task when I replaced the tyres almost two years ago, and, before we embark on our long trip this winter, now was the time.

    I thought it might be informative to log what we've got and how they've gone etc.

    I bought 4 'Sailun' Commercio M+S tyres (215 x 70 x 15) via Asda Tyres on line and had them fitted locally at a cost of £268. I made the conscious decision to steer away from 'Camper' tyres and I've not regretted it.
    11300 miles on, the tyres have 6.5mm on the front (now back) tyres and 9.5mm on the rear (now front).

    One of the reasons for picking the brand other than the price was the EU figures relating to Fuel Economy and Wet Performance. The Sailun matched the best in class without additional noise.

    I have enquired on here and, when the time comes, I will hopefully increase the width of the tyres from 215 to 225. This will give a wider margin for load on the rear of the 'van which already has a max load of 2000kgs.

    My only reason for this posting is for the info. of the Funsters. No other reason. I have no connection with the tyre Co. or Asda.
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