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    Sep 25, 2009
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    Hi has anyone got experience of useing the breakdown insurance whilst abroad.i am with caravan club red pennant.used them once in france.they were exelent,left it all to interpreter to son is with safeguard.
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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Yes. In Germany they were efficient, quick and very friendly and helpful. In France they were so bad I wrote a letter of complaint to Safeguard and the AA (they use the AA).

    We had a rear tyre blow out in Normandy on a Sunday. The problems started with confusion between the AA and the local garage as to where we were not helped by the fact that the French hardly ever speak English.

    Eventually when the local guy turned up looking annoyed that he had been called out on a Sunday afternoon he was awful. His jack was rubbish and he decided it was too unsafe for him to release the spare wheel from under the van so I would have to do it. I'm Arthritic and there was no way I was going under there. Stalemate ensued until he eventually relented.

    I suspect however that this was maybe an isolated incident. I suppose the AA etc will just use local contractors on their books and perhaps the quality level varies depending where you are.

    Im sticking with them though as they offer 365 insurance for the EU which also includes the breakdown cover.
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