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    Oct 7, 2008
    I meant the ones with the RVs and Toads & trailers….not what you thought
    The photos I put on of the Aires in France October 2009

    Caumont sur Garonne
    RVs ...........No........ you would not get on, to small and to tight....unless you overhang the canal about 6 meters...leave this site for the smaller boys
    Motorhomes with toads ......maybe but you would have to un-hitch if you can..And then leave the toad in another bay or at the end where vans turn around and come back to reverse into the bay...that is possible
    The site is free electric 1 euro for 45 mins…….water 1 euro for 15 mins

    St Front la Riviere
    RVs .......YES....you would get ok the site is like a big circle
    Motorhomes with toads and trailers....YES ......you would get in ok (as above)
    This site is free….electric free( 2 power points)….water free…clean toilettes on site (not the hole in the floor) plenty of picnic tables and a small river right at the side if want to fish

    RVs and Motorhomes with toads and trailers suitable as it is at the side of the road so you would have to park side ways and take a couple of the bays !!!!!! Not sure what the charge for water as we did not use!! But a beautiful place for walks and the town

    RVs .......YES....you would get ok the site, either on the pitch between the river and the side of the football field or the car park site.......(As two artics came into site to turn around and out)
    Motorhomes with toads and trailers....YES ......you would get on ok (same as above)
    This is a beautiful site and a lovely, not deep river…….(there was a French man we got friendly with he was picking crayfish out of the water from under the rocks) with the chateau just across the river, that you can go up into the tower
    The artist studio on the bridge,
    The site is free……………the water Jetton and possible electric is jetton…
    French - Pleasant peasant Born Yorkshireman sithie old Lad Dipstickiamnot
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