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Jul 29, 2007
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RV Matched Tyre Mounting

The following advice has been obtained from an American Tyre Manufacturer.
It is hoped that being American tyres going on American Vehicles their information is to be believed and recommended, for better tyre life and performance.(ride)

American Tyres are supplied with a dot marking system, in either red or yellow, or both
When a Red Dot is present it takes priority over any other colour present on the tyre,
If only a yellow Dot is seen then that of course is the one we’re working with, any white or other coloured marks can be ignored for the purpose of tyre fitting and are normally only manufacturers references

American steel wheels come with a mark (dimple) on the outside rim very much like a spot weld in appearance, sometimes covered by a little round sticker to help you locate it, to the unwary it also hides it, some wheels, alloy for instance, do not have any markings, if this should be the case the red or yellow dot should be aligned with the tyre valve when fitting a tyre the red or yellow Dot should be in aligned with this dimple after the tyre is mounted, before inflating the tyre make sure the tyre and rim are symmetrical to each other and that the bead is level (not tilted in anyway) do NOT rely on air pressure to fit the tyre correctly, RV tyres and rims differ from car tyres and wheels in as much as they have a sloping bead seat area, as opposed to a flat one as seen on European wheels, once you are satisfied that the tyre is as central as possible, then the tyre can be inflated. After which the bead/rim should be checked for an even fit, the tyre inflation pressures should be those recommended by the vehicle converter and can be found on a plate attached to the vehicle (not found on mine though) do not exceed the max load and pressures given on the tyre

Mounting the wheels.

Front wheels have four supporting lugs for the wheels, and the wheel and tyre should be mounted with the red or yellow Dot at as near to 12 o-clock as the stud pattern will allow 11 o-clock to 1.0-clock is fine, ie the centre mounting hole resting on the upper two lugs

Rear wheels and tyres usually fitted as pairs on the bigger RVs and mount on a circular platform but should be fitted so as to allow the extended valves to protrude thro the wheel and trim opposite each other, not both through the same hole, correct wheel tightening torques should be observed, over tightening is not recommended.

I hope you find this of interest, and whilst the majority of you will never fit your own tyres at least you can make sure the fitter is doing it your way,
“The right way”
My appoligies anyone if i am teaching you to suck eggs:winky:

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Aug 20, 2007
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Many Thanks for that Geo.I will print that out and take it with me when I have any tyres replaced.:thumb:


Sep 9, 2007
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most informative thanks geo. as for tyre valves extenders i bought a set of linda and also asked dave evans to fit me a set and still not got any to fit (stainless) i also had to call out tyre servis to camp site as one of the front valves had rubbed on the trim and cut into it.he would not take it to be fixed and just wanted to put spear on not much help when due on ferry next morning luckily we found a garage in france who did this for us at the cost of 5 euros


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Dec 1, 2007
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Thanks for that. It really is most informative and it seems I wasn't the only one unaware of it. Never again will I walk away and have a cup of coffee while my new tyres are being fitted on my RV.:Doh:

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