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    Well that’s it the Long Marston rally has finished and everyone has gone off. ....We arrived and was greeted by friendly marshalls and lots of hardstanding to plonk our jacks on.
    We were succumbed into being temp marshalls to help organise and book in the rabble of weary travellers who they were expecting to come. As the week went on the tarmac was slowly being covered by a varied variety of Motorhomes , Rv’s and 5er’s.
    All were very happy and think everyone enjoyed themselves at the social evenings games and meeting old and new friends who they have read about on the forums but never met in the flesh.
    Facilities on the site were very good, a good sized bar/social room, toilets for the able and less able, an easy dump for Rv waste and cassettes, plenty of fresh water and acres of grass and tracks for the walkers, bikers and doggy walks.
    Only about 4 mile and a bit to Stratford via a easy flat bike/walk track and a mile ish to Long Marston where there is a post office, shop and a pub which do cracking meals for a fiver.
    We never heard any one complain about anything, even the weather has been kind to us and most have gone home with a tan.
    Oh think we have a complaint re the Rally...Why must it end...!!!!
    Been an excellent meet and hoping for another here in the near come on guys, keep bantering Pam and Nigel to run it again. And for the ones who could not make it here this week missed out..Even had radio controlled jets given us a show as we enjoyed being in good company.
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    Thank you all who we have spoken to and hope to be friends for a very long time to come..
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    And even my good MATE Jane seemed to break a smile or two...Te He...
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