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    Nov 23, 2010
    I could use some advice please, we are travelling to the UK from Spain on Monday December 6th, we will be taking 2 cats and a dog over for some friends, but unfortunately that day is a bank holiday here in Spain [one of many!] so they cannot take them to the vets for the shots they need in order to travel, could yopu tell me what shots are need for both cats and dog, please? I see that you have posted the name of a vet on here and she apparantly speaks English [thank the Lord!] so if I could find out what shots I need to get [and the approximate costs] I could get them done before going to the ferry port, many thanks in anticipation of your kindness
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    1st a question

    Do they have their pet passports which are up to date?
    (this is the most important thing as it has the rabies jabs recorded in it and the microchip number relating to the animal)

    if they have that for them the animals need to be presented to a vet 24hours before sailing for tic and worm treatment which the vet has to write down in the passport and stamp it with date and time administered.There is a time window allowed for this once treatment is administered the animal can not sail for 24hrs but must of sailed by the time 48hrs is up. so if sailing on a monday the animals should of seen a vet on the Saturday evening, (i dont think vets open normally on a sunday) Also ask the vet to show you where the chip is roughly located (the vet should scan the animal and you will hear it register)as you will have to scan the animals at the port so that it can be logged. It is usually in the neck area but sometimes the chip can move

    I am asuming you have booked to sail from spain so have you also booked animal accomodation for them as you are not allowed on the vehicle decks during the journey to see to them and the ferries have special animal accomodation on board

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