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    Would like to share our experience with which is a company selling the usual items ref to reversing camera's etc

    When we had our new to us Frankia i800 we had to have a new reversing camera as the buyer of our Bessicar wanted us to leave the mirror style monitor and camera behind which was fitted by ourselves

    So on this occasion we thought this is the van for us forever ::bigsmile:::bigsmile:
    and although we never had a prob with the prev camera system thought we would go for a bigger jobbie

    But alas the performance of the Waeco "7" inch which we purchased from Route 11 was not very good and come dusk / night time useless just a white blob so it was switched off mostly

    As our van is just over 8 meters and no rear window slightly unnerving in some instances reversing in some circumstances :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

    I decided to get in touch with Route 11 who advised me to return the item (yes I had the receipt thankfully ) to them , at the time we had intended to return skiing so asked could it be returned asap as needed ( but due to family probs this has not happened ) Christine said i will ask them ... true to her word, I was notified that they received it and then notified that we will have a replacement then telephoned again to see if we had received it and guess what tel again to see if all was well and in time for us to have gone skiing again ..if we could have still

    Good service or what !! Well done Route 11
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