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    Nov 18, 2009
    I bought the rough guides for France, Germany and Spain on my Kindle. On my first go round I was not particularly impressed. I guess I had become used to the layout of the books and I could track down the information I needed.

    However, I changed my mind a little bit. On the paper version I tend to underline words like sublime, magnificent, pretty, unmissable, market, gothic, festival, concert, July, Thursday... etc. Our plan for the day tends to revolve around what is close by and worth looking at.

    On the Kindle version it was possible to do a search for these words and of course many others. Let me explain. Countries tend to be split into about ten regions so you probably already know that you are somewhere between location 840 and 970 as an example.

    If you do a search for market you can spot the noteworthy markets that crop up between your 840 and 970 location limits. Similarly if you search for "Thursday" simply because it happens to be a Thursday then you might well spot a night market or concert/festival.
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    I swear by the Michelin green guides (on paper) picked up in charity shops and ebay. I must have at least 2-3dozen now as they do countries by region. I also buy rough guides but find the green guides must better and easily referenced.

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