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  1. deansbj


    Oct 29, 2009
    hello all.
    I have a roof leak....
    It was there from purchase, but took a good shower to show me it.
    Elddis Autostratus 1990... everything else is absolutely fantastic and all works well (whoops there is the kiss of death I have given it).
    fridge/immersion/blow heating/oven etc etc all good. it's just the roof leak.

    Been up there and so far I have....
    removed and replaced the luton joining seal.
    removed and replaced the 'outside' four vent silicon seals with fresh silicon.
    found numerous small (and I mean small) corrosion holes in the aluminium roof..... (probably the best part of 20 of these)
    and removed and replaced any silicon patch jobs... already done.

    I am hoping this has cured it, but am a little pessimistic.

    Last night I completely cured the sloppy gear-stick issue... not with the rubber washer I got off ebay claiming it would work (it may work, but I didn't need to fit it). But with a loos gear linkage bolt. removed, cleaned and replaced with threadlock. Hope this works better.

    and also last night re wax-oiled all of underside, and then chip guarded the whole thing also... so she looks like a new penny underneath.
    Anyway I am prattling on...
    Any advise on how to spot further leaks?
    (my best guess was engine running with vents on full fan blow, ceiling vents taped up and get busy with the fairy liquid to spot bubbles...?)

    Oh and one more thing but I posted this separate. I have a rear facing lap belt installation I need to do. any advice welcome. Who to go to day tripping from Ipswich to get it done both well and cheap :eek:)

    can email if ya want...
    Kind regards for any info.

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