Roof bars fitted to a van conversion

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Has anyone on MHF had any experience of fitting roof bars to a van conversion?

    In June I bought a set of three Ulti Roof Bars to fit to our van in order to carry a top box for additional storage of large outdoor items (inflatable awning, chairs, table & patio mat) to save on possible wear, tear and damage from these items being carried in the living area.

    The roof bars come with the bespoke fittings for a Renault Master (our base vehicle). Upon delivery I set to installing the bars and immediately realised from the installation instructions that access was required to the inside of the roof so as to used the accompanying bolts to secure the bars. Obvious problem, all the roof lining and cabinetry was in the way of what on a straight van would be a simple affair. BUGGER and other choice expletives very quickly followed.

    I then phoned Choose Leisure at Canterbury where we bought the van from and explained the problem. Whilst helpful they could not take our van in to have a look at options until Sept. So last week in the van went for them to have a gander. Thirty minutes later the prognosis was that without taking out the entire habitation fittings (wardrobe, shower/toilet cubicle, high level kitchen cabinets and roof lining) the bars could not be installed. This would entail approx 2 weeks work at the cost of around £1500.00 GREAT, back to the drawing board.

    So having been thinking about the issue I have an idea (wife hangs her head in despair, family and friends look away awkwardly, strangers laugh). The Renault designated fixing points on the roof consist of a series of pre-positioned holes along the sides of the roof. Just to the outside of these holes is what appears to be the welded seam where the side panels are joined to the roof panel. This seam stands proud and upright (like a good soldier should) along the length of the roof and rises up from the bodywork by 20mm, see image.

    If I had six metal blocks made that could be fixed to the designated roof bar fixing points using some form of blind void fixing such as rubber Riv-Nuts and also to the proud weld seam using standard nyloc nut and bolts, I could then fit the roof bars to the metal blocks.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated (I like being laughed at).

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