Road Trip 2010

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    Road trip 2010

    Left on Eurotunnel at 2030 on Sunday Night,arrived in Iepers Belgium spent night in carpark where I normally stay.

    Drove down to Bastogne on Monday spent 2 nights in car park took all morning trying to get my Belgium internet working (Base) many phone calls to
    operator gave up and got a new dongle on the Proximus network this connects at 3.5 megs.:thumb:

    Left Bastogne on Wednesday drove to Fuussekaul in Luxemburg filled up with 57 litres of diesel cost 57 euros ::bigsmile:
    travelled just over 300 miles since last fill up 26 mpg not bad for a 25 year old bus.

    Spent last night in a Aire in Fuussekaul 1614 feet a.s.l. cost 8.50 euros for night inc leccy WiFi own tap and waste and black hose connector.also TV connection

    at the entrance to the Aire is a MH service point, free to use water,chem disposal point and driveover waste.:thumb:

    Next door in a Large MH Dealer with a well stocked accessory shop

    Off to Luxemburg City today.

    Will try to join the quiz tonight


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