Rivers of London - (Ben Aaronovitch) first 3 books of the series for £2.99 for kindle


Oct 19, 2015
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For those who are looking for a slightly different book series to read , the ‘Rivers of London‘ first 3 books of the series are bundled today for £2.99 . These aren’t traditional detective series, they are full of mystery and humour plus river gods and goddesses.

Description -
This bumper boxset from the Sunday Times Number One bestselling author contains the first three novels in the two-million-copy selling series!

My name is Peter Grant, and until January I was just an ordinary policeman in that mighty army for justice known to all right-thinking people as the Metropolitan Police Service (and as the Filth to everybody else).

Then my life took a turn for the strange, and now I'm a Detective Constable and trainee wizard, the first apprentice in fifty years. My world has become somewhat more complicated, and it's safe to say the problems London's streets throw at me are now much more difficult to respond to.

But there's someone out there causing trouble, using all manner of magic to do it, and they're putting ordinary Londoners at risk. It's fallen to me to bring order out of the chaos - or die trying.

Like I said, life is stranger now. But I'm a police officer at heart, London is my city, and I've got a job to do.

'Funny and wildly inventive' Mail on Sunday

'A charming, witty and exciting romp through a magical world' Independent

'Witty, well plotted, vividly written and addictively readable' The Times

This eBook boxset contains the first three novels in the bestselling Rivers of London series. Full of warmth, humour, and mysteries that will keep you guessing, this is your perfect introduction to a whole new side of England's capital.