Rimor cam sky 20 2004

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by merovingian, Mar 20, 2014.

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    Wondering if someone could give me their opinion of this on a 2.4 tdi 6 speed transit base please?
    I see they are Italian, so, are they well made with no major weaknesses, I have seen one in good nick for €21000

    I invite your comments:Smile:
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    We used to have a Rimor Sailer 645TC (top of the range) on 2006 model transit and it was lovely! The fittings were superb and it was certainly a quality MH. The Blucamp version is a lower spec one with different windows and cabinet work and less kit.

    One thing to watch with them is water ingress - not that we had any but Rimor themselves were very strict that it had to have a damp check every 6 months to keep the warranty valid, I appreciate that this one will be out of warranty but I would certainly ensure that there haven't been any damp issues with it just to be safe.

    I would certainly have one again though if I wanted a coachbuilt MH (we have a campervan at the moment), the only reason we changed was because we wanted something a bit shorter - the Rimor was 7.14m and we went down to a Chausson Flash 04 at 6m.

    The Transit base was a dream - we'd changed from a Fiat with the gear lever on the dash to the floor mounted Transit and found the latter much more comfortable and it went like a rocket, even with such a large MH on it, so on a smaller one I would imagine it will fly.
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