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    .... or a quick snack for one...

    1 pkt Minestroni cup-a-soup
    3 tablespoons dry cous cous

    mix together dry ingredients, add 1 cup boiling water and leave to stand for at least 5 mins. Munch or proceed as below:

    Chop some pieces of bacon and fry them off in a small frying pan.... add made up cous cous mixture.... fry off (can be flipped like pancake ...if you're up to it!) and serve

    other add ins:
    chicken strips fried off, add chopped (jar stuff:Cool:) ginger, cook for 2 mins, add garlic puree (tube:Cool:) cook for further 2 mins without burning garlic....then add cou cous mixture....

    It'll keep your ribs apart until you can get a decent meal ::bigsmile:

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